Aquacubic Sanitaryware is a professional custom faucets manufacturers and kitchen sinks suppliers since 2010.


SUS Handmade Kitchen Sink


Aquacubic handmade kitchen sinks are not stretched or molded, which adds to the durability and longevity. The surface has a brushed finish to help mask small scratches that occur over time and keep your sink looking beautiful for years. Here's a look at some of our latest offerings and features.

1. Stainless steel kitchen sinks come into variety of options. From the premium 16Gauge stainless steel to the 18gauge..

2. The durable scratch and stain resistant stainless steel surface helps the beauty last

3. Thick Sound Rubber Pad assures exceptional noise reduction and quiet dependability

4. Extra deep bowls, you can fill it up with water almost to your elbows. so you can wash those cookie sheets and baking pans

5. Rear drain(Offset Drain) gives you more work space in the sink and with drain pipe move back, you have more space for storage underneath with the water pipe towards the back

6. Creased accent lines in the sink bottom deliver superior drainage and give the sink a professional appearance

7. 5Year warranty

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